Photo by Allen Tsai Photography

Photo by Allen Tsai Photography


A designer of fine art weddings and events that carry you into a realm of wonder and grace. There's a sweet fragrance that should greet you when you walk into the room. A room that purveys refinement and warmth full of thoughtfully chosen details. Through planning, designing, styling and execution, my goal is to make each gathering feel like an intimate dinner party that conveys timeless style.


What drew me into weddings and still captivates me now isn't over-the-top opulent affairs. It's always been and forever will be you. Planning a wedding, such a monumental moment in your life, calls for a closer relationship with you in order to build the event from a foundation of authenticity. I limit myself to a handful of weddings each year so that you can get the best of what I have to offer -- an exceptional experience. Having learned how to scale back on the quantities of weddings I plan has given me more creative room to be organically inspired and love what I do even more.